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B3 Brings the Mission Exactly What it's Been Missing: Incredible Burgers (now closed)

For the last two months I've been on a burger binge. For absolutely no reason, I've had an uncontrollable urge to stuff myself with simple, raw, beefy goodness, and both my friends and my figure have begun to take notice. I've indulged my cravings at NOPA, Bar Tartine, Serpentine, Fish & Farm, Cafe des Amis, Burgermeister, and Big Mouth Burgers, only to be left wanting more. And last week, just when I thought the cravings had died down, I stumbled upon B3, the Mission's new burger-focused restaurant located a mere two blocks from my front door. After my first bite, I knew this restaurant was created purely to destroy me...Continue Reading

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Flour + Water Lives up to the Hype

[rating: 4.5]

If you've lived in the City in the last couple of years, you've probably heard that Flour + Water is kind of a big deal. With endless praise from local critics, a Beard nomination under its belt, and a young, good-looking executive chef (Thomas McNaughton, named one San Francisco's Rising Stars by Star Chefs), Flour + Water has clearly built quite the reputation. Plus, it has a cool name.

The problem is, because of its reputation, this small neighborhood restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular in the City. Nowadays it's nearly impossible to pop in for even a weekday dinner without having to wait 45-90 minutes for a table. Hell, even Steve Jobs was recently told he had to wait, or come back another time. Lacking a full bar and only offering eager diners an uncomfortable "waiting" area that holds roughly six people, waiting this long for a casual dinner frankly seems like a joke. So, no matter how good the food may be, it's going to be hard for any diner to overcome the expectations that come along with both the hype and the wait....Continue Reading

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Knead Patisserie: My Best Friend and My Worst Enemy...But Mainly My Lover

The Best Pastry in San Francisco

[rating: 5]

My love affair with Knead began 2 months back when I was on my way to pick up my morning coffee from Phillz. In the doorway of what I thought was Local Mission Eatery, there it was: a cart filled with all sorts of freshly baked pastries and cookies taunting me, tempting me to say to hell with those skinny jeans and indulge my cravings. It took me a whole, ummmmmm, 3 seconds to cave in, and now I can say it was the best decisions I've ever made...

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Thoughtful and Fresh...Diner Food? Nombe's Izakaya Menu Proves it Can be Done

[rating: 4]

In my opinion, Nombe (pronounced "nom-bay") has been the best addition to the Mission's dining scene in the last year (in fact, I included it in the May edition of my Examiner series "Restaurants to Impress." The spirit of the area is completely embodied in the restaurant's concept: no-frills, relatively inexpensive, open late, a hip-without-trying-to-be vibe on the inside, and a unique menu (well close to it, as there are almost no izakaya-style restaurants in SF), that proves seasonal, sustainable, local, Japanese diner food has a place in this city...

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Bar Tartine Knows Exactly How to Seduce Me and Keep Me Coming Back For More

[rating: 5 stars]

I already wrote about it for Examiner, but after another meal that left me in disbelief, I have to write about it again. I'm making it my personal mission to make sure that anyone considering dining in the Mission doesn't overlook one of this areas best options: Bar Tartine...

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Need a Go-To Tacqueria to Satisfy Those 2am Cravings? Look No Further Than El Farolito

[rating: 3.5]

Ahhh Farolito. We've certainly had some good times together, haven't we? Like, that one time I came in drunk just before 2 and ordered a Super Carnitas Quesadilla? Or that other night when I stumbled in drunk after bar-hopping in the Mission, and ordered a Super Carnitas Quesadilla? And, of course, you can't forget the time when I wandered in drunk on a Saturday and ordered a Super Carnitas Quesodilla. Do you remember that!? Good times my friend, good times...

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Thoughtful Mexican Dining in the Mission? Gracias Madre Delivers

[rating: 3]

I am neither vegan, nor do I live off of a gluten-free diet (thank god!). If I could have carnitas smothered in cream on top of pasta every night, I would. Well, that's a lie because that would be disgusting, but you get the point. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied by my meal here tonight.

Gracias Madres is very SF in the sense that they're taking a lot of seasonal ingredients (and maybe a few that are just past their season, i.e. butternut squash) and throwing them into classic Mexican entrees. Tacos with roasted asparagus is a perfect example. Although they haven't updated all the winter ingredients (kale, brussel sprouts, & squash, for example), they're certainly mixing things up. And, when the menu says "mushrooms" they don't mean flavorless button mushrooms, they mean shiitake. And if they mean shiitake, they mean business...Continue Reading

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