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Why, hello there. If you’ve landed on this page, you clearly must be wondering, “Who’s that supermodel on the homepage?” Okay, fine, maybe that’s not exactly what you’re thinking, but I bet you're asking yourself one of these questions:

Who's Kels, and What Does She Eat?!

I’m Kelsey. I’m a 20-something girl living the good life in San Francisco. For years I was a Search Marketing Manager (PPC) for a small digital marketing agency, but have been spent the last two years in the wonderful world of Facebook advertising. I launched KelsEats in November 2009, and have since spent most of my free time eating and writing. Oh, and occasionally going to the gym so that I can continue all of that eating.

Aside from writing for this blog, I'm also the California Cuisine Examiner for Examiner.com, am a regular contributor to Culinary Trends Magazine, as well as to Mission Local's Tuesday food section. I'm also currently listed as a local Tastemaker on both Pinchit and Urbantag, contributing my content to these sites whenever I find the time. Prior to 2012, my writing was also featured on HeardAbout, a local dish-centric recommendation site, as well as on ScountMob SF's weekly Local Bites column

That's the basic biographical info. Here's what else you should know about me:

I grew up with a chef for a father, and an Italian mother who was constantly cooking. So clearly I was destined to become passionate, even borderline obsessive, about food.

I’m really into cheese. No, no...I'm REALLY into cheese.

This was the largest burrito I've ever eaten (circa early 2006). I photoshopped it, and it's literally the size of my head. KelsEats Burrito

The best meal of my life, without question, was the 11 course (blind) chefs tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park back in May 2010. That meal, which lasted from 10:30 till about 2:30 am, took me on a roller coaster of emotion: I laughed, I cried, I slow danced to smooth jazz in the middle of the dining room, and cried some more. You can read all about it Here.

My all-time favorite hangover food is a ham and cheese crepe next to my old apartment at Place Saint Michel, Paris

I know my way around a kitchen. My specialty dishes include shrimp benedict, wild mushroom soufflé, and chocolate buttercream almond macaroons.

Caviar might be the last thing on earth I'd ever want to taste - as you can see, I can't stop until every last egg has been consumed:

KelsEats licking the plate clean at Manresa

Every now and then I get "addicted" to eating something that isn't actually something most people would consider "food": spoonfuls of strawberry jelly, Caffe d'Vita instant cappucino powder, dijon mustard, and jars of anchovies have all had their time and place. Last year I was on a goat's milk butter kick for...far too long. Now? David's Sunflower Seeds...it's like having a salt lick at all times.

I love Cheezits. I know, I know, but I just can’t help it. I think that Cheezits will be my downfall.

What's this Blog All About?

I love food. I love writing. I love writing about food. With this blog I get to share my passion with the world AND keep track of all my culinary experiences – a virtual food journal that I’ll point to when I’m 90 and say, “Man, I sure did eat well.”

My goal in starting this blog was to get away from the limitations of other food-focused websites and to share information with as many people as possible. Basically, with KelsEats I get to write about anything I damn well please - no rules, no policies. I publish restaurant reviews, foodie finds, recipes, cooking tips, stories about my culinary experiences, and whatever else is on my mind.

I hope that my ramblings about cuisine leave you as interested as I am when I’m writing them. Or at the very least, I hope that one of my lame food puns makes you crack a smile. And, if you don’t always agree with me let me know! Whatever your opinion, I want you to leave feeling motivated to engage in the culinary dialogue. And by “ready to engage in the culinary dialogue,” I clearly mean ready to buy me a few specialty cocktails and take this girl out on the town!

Interested? You can contact me at kelsey@kelseats.com.