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Hey Phil. Good Coffee.

Philz has completely ruined me. I used to be happy with a regular grande coffee from Starbucks. I used to pay $2, $2.50 max for a cup of coffee. I used to be ignorant and happy. But now that I know how incredibly delicious coffee can be, now that I know its true potential, there's no going back to the naive bliss I once had.

Now if I don't start every single morning with Philz coffee I'm a bitter, angry person. It sounds arrogant, but it's honestly become difficult to drink anything else. It's just too. damn. good.

With 19 different brews, you're sure to find one that is perfectly tailored to you. My drink of choice? The silken splendor with plain soy milk. It doesn't just warm my body in the morning, it warms my heart and my soul.

But be warned: this place is pretty funky. Some would call the interior eclectic, others would call it a mess, but either way it's not one of those sleek, hip spots that have been taking over the city. No no, it's way more poor, dirty hipster, which I don't mean as an insult.

Also, because this place is sorta a big deal and each cup is made to order, you may run into a bit of a wait. The baristas are fast, but give yourself at least 5-10 minutes.

Finally, despite my love of their sweet, hot brews, their pastries are pretty terrible. They look tempting behind the glass, but it's just an illusion - you're best off finding sustenance elsewhere. Luckily, the best patisserie in the city, Knead, is right next door and open early.

An almond twist + a pomme + a fresh cup of Silken Splendor = morning perfection.

Philz Coffee
3101 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 875-9370

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  1. meggy says:

    Wow I'm sorry for responding so late- this email has been unreliable. I'd love to meet you and talk online markreting/blogg,I cain probably talk yo death, but no atter. When will you been in town?

    Hello Kels, I found your blog while I was wondering about my next trip to SF and I immediately felt in love with it!
    I'm an Italian foodblogger (www.deliciousmeggy.blogspot.com) but I like to define myself as a foodwriter too, that's not the same 'cause here in Italy a lot of foodbloggers are standardized, and I don't like it.
    So I'm happy to cure my blog explaining my sensations about food without being under the influence of various periodical food-trends.
    I love food, I love cookin' and I really really love international cuisine, I always try to improve my food knowledge.
    That's all, I would be very happy to follow your blog, and then who knows, maybe we'll meet in Sf!
    Have a nice ween end!

    PS awww now I just want to taste a Silken Splendor!

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  3. Kelsey says:

    Do you get espresso or drip or french press at blue bottle? I like blue bottle, but Philz is convenient to stop by on my way to work. Mostly convenient cause Knead Patisserie is right next door =)

  4. Kelsey says:

    Hey Patrick, we just have our own preferences. I like starting my morning out with a regular cup of coffee, with vanilla soy. It reminds me of Paris and that's all really eed to fall in love.

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