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Why I Want to Start Every Morning at Knead Patisserie

Rating: ★★★★★

Nine weeks, three extra pounds, and 21 check-ins later, I think it's just about time to write an update to my first glowing review. If you follow me on Twitter (KelsEats), you've likely seen my daily morning tweet, which serves 2 purposes. First it says to the world, "Guess what!? I'm at Knead!" in case anyone wanted to stalk me. Secondly, that little tweet illustrates my full-blown, uncontrollable addiction to those evil little pastries better than any words could describe.

An example: a couple weeks ago I stopped by Knead to pick up the usual Sunday morning pomme d'amour and almond twist. As I was leaving, it hit me: Knead is closed Monday mornings. How could I make it to work without my daily fix? I promptly bought 2x what I needed and barely made it to the next morning before indulging my cravings. The following day, not only did I buy a smattering of sweets for breakfast, but I also sent a very nice, young gentleman to Knead at 2:30 pm, while I was stuck at work, to pick up an order I had called in earlier that day. I demolished those pastries around 5:30 pm (as soon as I got home), and a mere 3 hours later became bitter and angry that I couldn't swing by one last time for dessert.

Hi. My name's Kelsey and I'm a Knead-a-holic.

In the last 2 months, everything has only gotten better. The sugar coating on the almond twists has become a bit more pronounced, making it even crispier and more delicious than before. And, the infamous pomme has undergone a transformation with the addition of (I believe) brown sugar-baked apples (but don't worry, the original pomme is still there).

And in the last month, the counter tops have been inundated by new options. Puff pastry rolled up with oozing dark chocolate and cream cheese, pain au chocolat and classic croissants, sinfully decadent cinnamon rolls, and her most recent new creation, which has become one of my all-time favorites...

The Caramel Millefeuille. Delicate layers of crispy puff pastry and pastry cream that overwhelm your taste buds with the slightly salty (I think?), not-too-burnt, incomparable flavor of caramel. These suckers might be small, but they're powerful.

While fellow Yelpers, like David D, have followed my advice and will clearly not be looking back, it's not just Yelpers who have shown interest. I've made it my personal mission to bring Shauna's pastries to every chef and restaurant owner that I meet. The SPQR team (Chef Accarrino and owners Shelley and Victoria) have made a few visits, Delfina's Craig Stoll and One Market's Mark Dommen are now fans, and there are plenty of other industry pros who are realizing that something special is happening in that tiny kitchen. It's only a matter of time before the secret is completely out, so you better get there before the lines start to form.

While 24th and Folsom may seem out of the way for most City dwellers, you shouldn't just stop by Knead if you're in the area. Make it a destination.

Knead Patisserie
3111 24th St
(between Folsom St & Shotwell St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 655-3024

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