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The Industry All-Stars: Tara Payne

For three years, my writing has been almost exclusively focused on food - literally taking the things I eat off of the plate, and changing them into words on paper. By doing so, I often don't bring enough attention to the hundreds of other facets of the food industry: the dining atmosphere, larger industry discussions a la Michael Pollan, emerging new trends, or the people who make it all possible.

As I was getting my daily morning coffee from Philz, it suddenly hit me: one of the most important reasons for why I keep going back to this place, or any place for that matter, is because of the happiness I feel whenever I interact with the people working at these establishments. It's part of what makes San Francisco feel like home; it's like Cheers - there's nothing better than getting a warm welcome from people who know you're name...and they're always glad you came. So right here and now, I'm starting a new series of posts that puts the spotlight on some of my favorite people in the San Francisco, and what makes them so damn awesome....Continue Reading

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Hey Phil. Good Coffee.

Philz has completely ruined me. I used to be happy with a regular grande coffee from Starbucks. I used to pay $2, $2.50 max for a cup of coffee. I used to be ignorant and happy. But now that I know how incredibly delicious coffee can be, now that I know its true potential, there's no going back to the naive bliss I once had.

Now if I don't start every single morning with Philz coffee I'm a bitter, angry person. It sounds arrogant, but it's honestly become difficult to drink anything else. It's just too. damn. good....Continue Reading

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