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Finding the Best Eggs Benedict at Local: Mission Eatery

What was your single favorite thing that your parents cooked when you were growing up? Was it some kind of special pasta? Or maybe your mom cooked chicken a way that no one else has ever been able to replicate? Because my parents happen to be quite adept in the kitchen, I could probably list 20 different dishes that are deeply ingrained in my memory. However, if I had to name just one, there's a particular dish that has always stood out: I grew up eating the best eggs benedict most people have ever tasted...Continue Reading

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From Fables to Tables: Discovering the Golden Egg

After patiently waiting a few weeks for the latest issue to go to print, I'm excited to finally share my latest Culinary Trends with the world! It's about the recent rise in popularity of one of the most ubiquitous ingredients out there - eggs. Knowing that selling the idea of eggs to chefs would be a difficult task, I ended up putting a lot of effort into this piece, and I hope you find the information as interesting as I did!

Since I wrote much more than the allotted space would allow, I've included the unedited version below. Enjoy!...Continue Reading

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