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Panna Cotta Pandemonium in San Francisco

Although panna cotta has been making appearances on dessert menus in San Francisco for years, it seemed like in early 2010 there was an absolute explosion across the entire city. Not only did it seem like panna cotta was listed on just about every menu that I came in contact with, but suddenly dozens of different, interesting variations were popping up. Now in early 2011, everyone seems to have their own unique version to proudly display on their menu. While many variations are interesting, there are only a few that stand out from the panna cotta chaos and deserve special recognition...Continue Reading

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Delfina San Francisco - Quite Simply the Best. Period.

[rating: 5]

After being a loyal patron for over 5 years and having only written a fairly brief review about the magical dessert menu, the time has finally come to put joking aside and pay tribute to what I consider to be the best restaurant in San Francisco. Delfina, even after this long you are still the restaurant to which I compare all other restaurants in the City. Why? It's simple - you are the epitome of what you are trying to be.

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