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Market Bar. Market Epic Fail.

[rating: 1]

If this place was not one of the only places with outdoor seating over at the Embarcadero, there would be pretty much no reason to go here.

I'm pretty sure I could've swam to Alcatraz and back in the time it took to get our food, the attention of the waiter to get more food, and finally, the check. That's 3 trips to Alcatraz and back! Lets put it this way: I had absolutely nothing better to do but sit there for hours and hours, in fact I was trying to pass the time, and I was still freakishly annoyed with how long it took to perform every single service-oriented task, no matter how simple (i.e. fill up my water)...

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One Market: So Much More Than a Power Lunch

Dungeness Crab Salad One Market

One Market. One Michelin star. One hell of a good lunch.

From the outside, One Market resembles many of its Embarcadero neighbors – a conspicuous, sprawling, posh space dotted with white tablecloths and men in suits. But don’t let the exterior fool you. Unlike many waterfront restaurants, which exude a Power Lunch confidence but have little substance, the quality of the food being served inside far surpasses its nearby competitors...Continue Reading

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Luce: Bring a Camera But Not Your Appetite

[rating: 3]

Luce, I'm sorry to have to say this, but you're all about the presentation. You're that chick who is great to have as arm candy for the night, but good luck getting into a meaningful relationship with her. Great looking decor, great looking bar, beautifully presented food. But, I think you should spend a little less time making the food look pretty and a little more time thinking about the flavors you're putting on the plate...

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Maverick on Track to be a Mission Stand-by

[rating: 4]

When I first walked into Maverick, I instantly went into grandma mode. "Ohhh this is just darling! Isn't it cute?! It's just so cute!" If Maverick had cheeks they would've been bright red from all of the pinching. It's a warm, intimate restaurant, which isn't crazy loud, but certainly not awkwardly silent; perfect for any occasion (they even have a table that seats 8-10 if you want to go with a larger group)...Continue Reading

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Paragon huh? Of What? Mediocrity?

[rating: 2]

The fact that I never pay for my lunch (I love my company) is one of the only thinks that makes this restaurant appealing. I guess free food tends to do that. That and the fact that on a busy Friday afternoon there are always seats, and we are generally on a time limit. The point is that if I was spending my own money, I wouldn't go back for the food. It's a nice place to meet a friend for a drink, if you're in the area, but I wouldn't trek more than say, 4 blocks, to do that.

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