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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems? Nope. Momo's Brings the Crowds and the Quality

Rating: ★★★½☆

Momo's, I wanted so much to dislike you! You're huge, you're flashy, you're packed, and I'm jealous of how much money you make (at least on game days!). But I have to say, for the type of restaurant you are trying to be, you keep it real, and I can't help but be a fan.

Here's what you do exceptionally well: fried food. The onion rings here are the best onion rings I've had in my life (more shoestring style instead of chunky and the size of my head). I know that's a bold statement but, you know how when you fall in love you just know? I tasted them and I just knew, no other onion rings could ever compete. Also, I am not generally a fan of large-cut fries, but damn son, they have them down perfectly. They were so crispy amazing that I was stealing them from the person sitting next to me...without asking. I was ready to fight for those fries.

Now, if you're looking to go the more healthy route, well they've got you covered. The giant chicken/pear salad is delicious and big enough to be your lunch and dinner! Finally, the salmon gravlax (crudo, essentially...and doesn't that sound like a great name for a dwarf in an RPG!?) was spot on. Sure it's a little overpriced, but they don't skimp on the portion sizes, and for its location, I think it could be a lot worse.

The service has always been attentive and friendly, although a bit slow. But, the speed is of little concern to me when I go because kicking back on the patio on a sunny day with a cocktail is the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon (especially if you're trying to avoid work). If only they had some tanning chairs out there!

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