The Best San Francisco Restaurants

My Personal Guide to San Francisco Dining

While I'd like to believe that the dedicated followers of this blog read every article from start to finish, hanging on every word I write, I'd just be kidding myself - if you're like me, you skim the titles looking for an interesting post, restaurant suggestions, or really awesome food puns. So, the more I inundate KelsEats with San Francisco restaurant reviews, the more difficult it is to quickly find those 4 or 5 star rave reviews.

This page is my quick and dirty solution for helping you sift through the ever-growing posts archive, and find your way to my articles on the best San Francisco restaurants: a comprehensive list of the best San Francisco restaurants. And unlike more traditional food publications, this list will grow as this blog, and my waist line, grows.

"But Kelsey, with so many types of cuisine and such a wide range of prices, what does "best" mean? How do you choose?" Great question! My approach towards writing reviews and determining the best San Francisco restaurants is this:

First, I ask myself, "For the kind of restaurant this place is trying be (a taqueria, a French bistro, or an Michelin awarded establishment), is it at the top of its league? When the answer is yes, expect to see it on my list.

Secondly, my bottom line is the quality of the restaurant's food. While atmosphere, drinks, and service certainly mold an experience, those are not factors that will get a restaurant listed here. I judge a place primarily by what I'm putting in my mouth, which means that almost anything, from a food truck to an award-winning restaurant, can be included.

Now, with no further ado and in no particular order....

The Best San Francisco Restaurants

SPQR - San Francisco Examiner SPQR Review (July), Examiner SPQR Review (Jan), SPQR on KelsEats

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Mr. Pollo

Fifth Floor



Bar Agricole

Pizzeria Delfina

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Chairman Bao


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Chez Maman

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Han Il Kwan

Limon/Limon Rotisserie

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Bar Crudo

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Il Cane Rosso

Saigon Sandwich