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The Church Cocktail at Locanda - Drink Up

Anyone who has met me, or who has read my writing, knows that this girl loves a great cocktail. However, it's rare that I'm so moved by some particular drink that I'm compelled to dedicate an entire article to singing its praises. This is one of those occasions...Continue Reading

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Man, I Need a Drink. Meet me at Bar Agricole.

Rating: ★★★★★

I've lived in San Francisco for the past four years, a period of time which I fondly refer to as my prime drinking years. I don't say this to give the impression that I'm just a drunken party animal, at least not all the time. I'm pointing this out because when you think about it, there's a pretty large drinking evolution that takes places from your early to mid-twenties. For example, I used to call Blondies and Beauty Bar my favorite bars in the City. I also used to pre-party, down shots, and not know what the hell a "well drink" was. But like most people, my appreciation for good wine, thoughtful cocktails, and bars where you can move without getting mauled by some sweaty, drunk chick, has grown. Not just grown, it's blossomed. After four years of trying a majority of the City's most respected bars, I'm now happy to say that I have a go-to spot where the cocktails are crafted and the people are adults. That bar is none other but Bar Agricole...Continue Reading

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The 500 Club. A Photobooth. Many a Magical Night of Drunken Memories.

Rating: ★★★★★

There is a time and a place for dive bars, and although last night might not have been time, the 500 Club was certainly the place!

Lets start out with the fact that a Cosmo was only $6 AND it might've been the strongest one I've ever had. Clearly nothing to complain about there!...

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Michael Mina's Clock Bar - If Only I Could Afford More Cocktails...

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I originally wrote this review 2 weeks after the opening of clock bar (a hot new spot with fancy cocktails!? Of course I was eager to try!), and since have been back twice - mainly because of its convenient location and fairly extensive cocktail menu. Unfortunately however, my original comments have applied to every experience I've had here, so I'm not inclined to do much editing...

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