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With RN74 You Can Take Trip to Burgundy Without Ever Leaving San Francisco

[rating: 4]

I would skip the food car on Amtrak and take the RN74 any day of the week. The restaurant was clearly decorated with the Route Nationale 74 (french road/railway that goes through Burgundy) theme in mind. With luggage tags around the napkins, numbered tables, french dialogue playing in the bathrooms, and a wine board that actually flips like the signs in a train station, the attention to detail (at least in terms of design) is impressive to say the least...

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Michael Mina's Clock Bar - If Only I Could Afford More Cocktails...

[rating: 3]

I originally wrote this review 2 weeks after the opening of clock bar (a hot new spot with fancy cocktails!? Of course I was eager to try!), and since have been back twice - mainly because of its convenient location and fairly extensive cocktail menu. Unfortunately however, my original comments have applied to every experience I've had here, so I'm not inclined to do much editing...

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