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Luce: Bring a Camera But Not Your Appetite

[rating: 3]

Luce, I'm sorry to have to say this, but you're all about the presentation. You're that chick who is great to have as arm candy for the night, but good luck getting into a meaningful relationship with her. Great looking decor, great looking bar, beautifully presented food. But, I think you should spend a little less time making the food look pretty and a little more time thinking about the flavors you're putting on the plate...

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Waterbar - Fun to Look at, Not as Fun to Eat at.

[rating: 2.5]

In an era when restaurants are getting cozier and street food is the emerging city-wide trend (read: the economy took a hit), waterbar is a bit out of place.

Let's not kid ourselves here - much like any other restaurant on the Embarcadero, when you come here you're paying for the atmosphere. Kuleto's vision was grand indeed and deserves 4 stars, so, if you don't care much about how the food tastes and prefer to be surrounded by white tablecloths, glitzy railings, and aquariums, then this is the place for you. This place screams power lunch, and if setting the right mood and landing the deal was more important to me than how the food tastes, then this would be a solid choice. However, as we all know, my bottom line is the food, which is 2 stars tops...Continue Reading

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Tis the Season to be Captivated by Boulevard

[rating: 4]

As soon as I walked through the revolving doors, I knew it was going to be a special night. To describe the holiday decor as "festive" would not be doing this restaurant justice - garlands, wreaths, and glistening ornaments decorating the ceilings, walls, and walkways make the already beautiful interior nothing short of breathtaking. The whole dining room sparkled like there was magic in the air. I know, I know that's totally cheesy but hey, I know magic when I see it...Continue Reading

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Jardiniere, Deconstructed.

[rating: 4.5]

First of all, making reservations a month in advance is like torture because every day you get more and more impatient for the big day to come. As much as I tried not to, after so much waiting I had very high expectations for the meal I planned on having at this restaurant (the full tasting + wine pairing). In a sense, I was setting myself up to be let down. Not only did Jardiniere meet my somewhat unrealistic expectations, it far surpassed them...Continue Reading

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