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Goddamn You Michael Bauer!

Those close to me know why Michael Bauer is my sworn arch-enemy, and now it's time to tell the world. The story goes something like this...

Every time I think of a great new idea for an article, or a series of posts, Michael Bauer comes out with an article on the same topic 1 week before I can publish mine. Case in point: 5 days before turning in my latest Culinary Trends article on the rising popularity of eggs, he blogged about how "eggs are the ingredient of the moment."

AHHHHHH *shaking fist* Goddamn you Michael Bauer! =)

This has happened on four separate occasions, which leaves me convinced that he has implanted a chip in my brain and is stealing my ideas. This last time was the final straw - now it's war.

I won't be thwarted again...

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