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Restaurants to Impress - March

After a crazy February (note my lack of posts as proof), my schedule is looking unusually empty in March. So, I'm clearly trying to find ways to fill it up with restaurant reservations!

After having hit many of my "restaurants-to-try" list, I'm looking for new suggestions. I'd be interested to hear your top 2-3 places that you'd either like to hit up in March, or that you've visited recently and been impressed with. For reference, places I've recently been to that would be out:

1. Frances
2. One Market
3. Flour + Water
4. Chez Papa Bistro
5. Spruce
6. Salt House
7. Anchor & Hope
8. Beretta
9. Delfina
10. SPQR
11. Saison
12. Fresca
13. Incanto

Wow...that was a busy February.


  1. Mark says:

    Frances and SPQR are definitely the highlights of my past dining experiences in San Francisco. You should try out Americano. It's modern italian cuisine with hints of californian influences, which is perfect for you seeing that you write for that section of the examiner. Keep up the good work~


    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Susan!

      I hadn't heard of it till you mentioned. Honestly, I don't eat enough asian-influenced cuisine, but after reading that Charles Phan is behind it (and seeing their excellent cocktail menu!), I'll definitely put it on my places to check out! Thanks for callin that out =)

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