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Don't Even Act Like I Don't Cook Wild Mushroom Crepes. I Got the Recipe Right Here.

Wild Mushroom Crepes Recipe

Who thinks, "Hmmm, what to have for dinner tomorrow?" and randomly has an intense craving for wild mushroom crepes with Bechamel sauce? I feel like this can't be normal. Nevertheless, a few weeks back this inexplicable vision and deep gut feeling led me to cooking up this meal on a Wednesday night, and let me tell you, the feeling was right!

I ended up creating a Wild Mushroom Crepes recipe that was so on point, upon finishing dinner (and after a few minutes of yelling "YUM!," "MMMMMM," and a few "Oh MAN's!"), I immediately called my mom to volunteer to make them as an unconventional Thanksgiving appetizer. But, because she has had her heart set on Turkey Tetrazzini this year (her own unconventional spin on Thanksgiving, I guess), her enthusiasm was, let's just say, tepid at best. But that's just because she don't even KNOW the flava these crepes are packin'! They're so easy and tasty that it would be criminal of me not to share my recipe with the world. So, without further ado...Continue Reading

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My Dad's Recipe for the Best Lasagna this Side of Italy

Because my dad comes from a kitchen background, measurements are approximate. This recipe made probably 12-16 servings of lasagna - enough for 3 people to have it for dinner for 3 days. But, it's so good that surviving on it for days at a time will not be a problem...

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Souffle for One, Please!

That’s the message I want to convey here - a message of hope. While I suppose there are a few pitfalls in making a soufflé, the overall process is easy. You, too, can make a delicious soufflé that will shock and awe, if you just follow these simple steps...

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Eating my Way Through the Holidays, or, How to Gain a Pound a Day pt. 2

'Tis the season for me to throw simple out the window and make dishes that are, frankly, a pain in the ass. So what better way to start than by trying my hand at a fresh stuffed pasta!...Continue Reading

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Eating my Way Through the Holidays, or, How to Gain a Pound a Day pt. 1

Like any normal girl, when I arrived at my parent's house for the holidays, I wanted to process meat. I told my dad I wanted to accomplish 3 things: make pate, make some kind of fresh, stuffed pasta (I had been thinking a sort of goat cheese/pork/rabbit creation), and make sausage. Some people make gingerbread cookies to celebrate the holidays. I wanted chorizo...

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Bored with Beets

It's Sunday. And raining. And unless George Clooney called me up for a date, nothing could get me out of this house, including leaving the comfort of my bed for much-needed groceries.

So, I'm left with rummaging through a relatively-empty refrigerator looking for anything that might sustain me. Spicy mustard and mayo on a warmed up tortilla? Hmmm not so appealing. Luckily, our veggie box came a couple of days ago and there were 2 beautiful beets calling my name...Continue Reading

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Smoked Salmon Rolls - Hooray for the Holidays!

Salmon Rolls

With the holiday season in full swing, the time finally came for me to break out an hors d’oeuvre from the “Kelsey’s Classics” collection – salmon rolls...

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