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My Dad's Recipe for the Best Lasagna this Side of Italy

Because my dad comes from a kitchen background, measurements are approximate. This recipe made probably 12-16 servings of lasagna - enough for 3 people to have it for dinner for 3 days. But, it's so good that surviving on it for days at a time will not be a problem.

To create the pasta sauce:

1) Sautee bulk Italian Sausage (my dad used the stuff from Whole Foods) with some ground beef, along with onions and garlic in Sagra EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

2) Deglaze this with tomato water (he used the water from my mom’s canned tomatoes)

3) ADD:

1 large can of San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes (he used Italbrand)
Note: Do not be led astray by a brand called “San Marzano”- these guys are US tomatoes. A couple of smart guys got the naming rights for an Italian tomato, and many many people pay for these thinking they are the real thing. If it doesn’t say D.O.P, they’re not San Marzanos.

1 can of tomato paste

½ a carton of Pomi Strained tomatoes

½ can of tomato sauce (he randomly found a CA brand)

Salt, Pepper

4) Cook on a medium heat for awhile to let the flavors develop.

5) ADD:

Some 2 buck Chuck Cabernet

Some Agostino Recca anchovy oil

Some 20 year old red wine vinegar from the St Helena Olive Oil Company. My dad explained that, “it could take off your enamel of your teeth, way more than the commercial 5% acidity, but awesome flavor.”

Handful or so of fresh basil (picked from our backyard)

Some Italian chopped parsley

To Make the Lasagna:

1) Layer the sauce with:

De Cecco Lasagna Noodles

Calabro Whole Milk Ricotta (mixed with an organic egg)

Portabella mushrooms and a couple of baby eggplants (Fairy Tale breed), sliced thick and broiled with EVOO and salt/pepper.

Parmesan Cheese

2) Add slices of Mozzerella di Bufala to the top

3) Finally, bake covered with foil 375 for 30 minutes, then uncovered and another 25-30 minutes

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