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Local Bites: B3 for Scoutmob San Francisco

Below is my latest article for ScoutMob SF!

PBR, we can never get enough of it, right? I mean, there’s a reason it has an award ribbon on the can. We’re used to gulping them down three, I mean, one at a time, but the Mission’s B3 has found a way to use one of our favorite refreshments to make one of our favorite foods: onion rings. But there’s way more to the menu than just Pabst Blue Ribbon beer-battered onion rings. As Local Scout Kelsey Elliott explains, before you go anywhere else, go to B3.

"Let's talk onion rings. I think we all know what we don't like: super greasy batter covering scalding hot onions that come out whole as soon as you take a tiny bite. Unfortunately, for the most part, this is the world of onion rings we live in.

But, just for a second, imagine a better world. A world where the batter of an onion ring isn't too thin and crispy, isn't too thick and viscous, and doesn't taste like a cup of grease. Imagine a world where, when you take a single bite, you get a single bite of onion matched with the perfect ratio of fried, crispy magic. Well guess what? That world doesn't only exist in dreams and in movies, it exists on Valencia between 22nd and 23rd at a little place called B3.

And they're not just serving the best onion rings on the planet, they're also serving up some pretty amazing burgers. When cooked perfectly, one of their grass-fed patties topped with Manchego cheese, fried Glaum egg, and house-made bourbon brown sugar bacon is hard to beat. There's certainly no other Mission burger that compares.

And while their onion rings and burgers have been widely recognized, most people don't realize how unique and special their beer and wine program is. The premise for the restaurant was actually to feature micro lot wines - the idea behind B3 is bottles, burgers, and bites. And let me tell you, many of those bottles are pretty fantastic. They focus on offering wine and beer that’s in short supply, off the market, or hard to come by. For example, they carry 3 of only 30 cases shipped to the West Coast of the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout beer. Also, they’ve stocked a few cases of the limited-bottle Lee Family Grenache, my personal favorite.

With so many Mission eateries to choose from, there’s no doubt B3 has a little something extra that makes it stand out from the crowd."

1152 Valencia St
(between 22nd St & 23rd St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 401-7258

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