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Food - It's What I Do.

Why, hello there. Well, after 4 years of writing, what one might say, sterling reviews for Yelp, I was finally yelled at by my co-workers for not starting something of my own. "Yell" might be a strong word. Seriously questioned is more like it.

Although I may have been guilted into starting this, I'm now excited like a little school girl to have my own food blog! Why you ask? Because I don't have to conform to Yelp's rules anymore. Oh yeah, you heard me. I'm breakin' the rules.

Of course when I post a new restaurant review I'll be duplicating it onto Yelp, because hey, I have an elite status to maintain. And to be honest, everyone knows I'm still Yelps #1fan. But guess what? I'm giving 1/2 stars now. Yeah. That's right. I can do that.

That last sentence reminded me - I can also italicize things, or bold them, so I don't have to capitalize every letter of important words like a middle schooler trying to add emphasis to a text about their crush on Robert Pattinson, "OMG, he's SO hot!"

But most importantly, I can go beyond restaurant reviews. Sure that will probably be a fair majority of what this blog is about, but I can add a little bit of my own flavor as well (ha! food puns!). When I learn something interesting about cuisine, I'll post (like, for example, it's a myth that fresh pasta is always better. People, it depends on the dish you're making!). When I meet a chef, I'll post. When I come across a great recipe, I'll post. When I want to write an ode to pork belly, or perhaps a sonnet declaring my love to La Tur cheese, I'll post. Maybe I'll even rate myself when I cook at home...cause that wouldn't be biased at all.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this will delve far deeper into the culinary world than anything I've done before. So with that, ladies and gentlemen, let's eat!

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