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Complimentary Beginners as a Means to an End

After seeing the final version of my latest Culinary Trends piece on “Complimentary Beginners,” I can officially say that this article is my all-time favorite. Not surprisingly, it was also one of my more difficult pieces. Finding restaurants that offer interesting complimentary bites, and run the gamut in terms of cuisine and price was no easy task. But the final result speaks for itself!

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Sustainable Seafood Swims Into the Mainstream

My first Culinary Trends article of 2011 has finally arrived! I chose to write about Sustainable Seafood for this issue, a more serious topic than my previous articles on flowers, eggs, and foraging. Because this is a very complex, difficult subject in nature, I took a more serious tone and included longer quotes from the experts that I interviewed. But don’t worry, I still managed to throw in plenty of fishing/ocean/water puns!

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Refining a Wild Idea: The Emergence of the Foraging Chef

It’s been a couple of months since my last Culinary Trends article on eggs was published, and at long last my newest article is out in print so I can finally share it with my readers! It’s on the subject of foraging – why it’s become popular among many chefs, and some tips for those looking to get started. I was able to speak to some pretty amazing chefs for this one, including expert foragers David Kinch of Manresa and Matthew Accarrino of SPQR. Chef Accarrino’s Roasted Carrot Salad dish was actually chosen for the cover (seen above)! The latest issue and edited version of my article can be found on the Culinary Trends website.

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From Fables to Tables: Discovering the Golden Egg

After patiently waiting a few weeks for the latest issue to go to print, I’m excited to finally share my latest Culinary Trends with the world! It’s about the recent rise in popularity of one of the most ubiquitous ingredients out there – eggs. Knowing that selling the idea of eggs to chefs would be a difficult task, I ended up putting a lot of effort into this piece, and I hope you find the information as interesting as I did!

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Remember to Stop and Eat the Roses

As if writing for my blog and Examiner wasn’t enough, I recently took on another amazing project that I just realized I haven’t shared with hardly anyone – writing for Culinary Trends Magazine! The company line is that it’s a magazine for executive chefs, so my audience is industry professionals. For me it’s extra exciting/challenging because I have to make food interesting for people who are already in the business, a task which requires far more in-depth research than my usual reviews and commentaries on food and dining experiences.

My first challenge was to comment on the current trend of using edible flowers in all sorts of cuisines – from Spanish to French to Californian, flowers have been popping up everywhere, and not just for their looks, but for their flavors. Writing this article was truly a treat for me, as I had the opportunity to talk to some truly amazing chefs, Daniel Patterson and Joshua Skenes to name a couple.

Because the magazine is only available to subscribers, you wouldn’t have had the chance to pick it up on the news stand. But, you can read my article by CLICKING HERE.


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