Market Bar. Market Epic Fail.

Rating: star blankstar blankstar blankstar blankstar

If this place was not one of the only places with outdoor seating over at the Embarcadero, there would be pretty much no reason to go here.

I’m pretty sure I could’ve swam to Alcatraz and back in the time it took to get our food, the attention of the waiter to get more food, and finally, the check. That’s 3 trips to Alcatraz and back! Lets put it this way: I had absolutely nothing better to do but sit there for hours and hours, in fact I was trying to pass the time, and I was still freakishly annoyed with how long it took to perform every single service-oriented task, no matter how simple (i.e. fill up my water).

I was annoyed to the extent that at a certain point of the meal I basically stopped listening or paying any attention to the person I was with, and could only think about how annoyed I was. That, my friend, is pretty annoyed.

And, the food did not even come close to making up for the wait. “Under” is the key word here – under-seasoned & underwhelming. I can’t even say it didn’t meet my expectations, because I had no expectations to begin with and was still disappointed. For the record, I have nothing personal against this restaurant or any of its employees. I’m not usually one to flame a restaurant, as I don’t like being overly or unfairly critical when people’s reputations/livelihoods are in question. But, when a harsh review is deserved then I also will not be a writer that shies away from accurately describing their experience.

The next time I’m in the area, I think I’ll take a cue from the hipster chick I was watching while patiently waiting for my food: buy a sorbet cone from Ciao Bella, and just sit at one of Market Bar’s outdoor tables.


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